Sunday, February 3, 2008

Billary: the two of them may not be able to stop the wave for Obama

Since the beginning of this unbelievable leadership race, Barack Obama has been facing two opponents in Hillary Clinton. Starting in Iowa, Bill has been a big part of the campaign strategy and he has very actively joined in. In the last hours before "Super Tuesday", even their double efforts may not be enough to stop a massive movement coming from the base. And they are putting everything they have got in this contest. Just in the last two days, Bill participated in 14 events and travelled in 11 States. But, as every hour goes by, Obama is shrinking Clinton's lead and by Tuesday, she will be lucky if she can hold on to a slim victory.

The Obama's wave has even reached some die hard Republican States. Yesterday in Idaho, a West interior State south of British Columbia's border, more than 15,000 people came to meet the Democrat candidate. He started his speech with : " I was told that there was no Democrats in Idaho." To which the crowd loud applauds and cheers showed that it was not true, and even if it was, this candidate was transcending the party.

Back in the Clinton campaign's headquarters, there was silence. This huge interest for Obama coming from Republicans battle-grounds, was not good news.

Catherine Cano - Canovision

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