Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Polls should not be allowed on Primary day

I cannot believe my eyes, but as I am doing a phone interview with RDI a few minutes ago, a new poll was being released. This poll is showing Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 46% to 39% in California. And California is chosing its new leader TODAY. I was already questionning the fact that Californians are able to see how the day is unfolding in the rest of the country, with networks already predicting winners based on exit polls. But, if on top of that we also tell them who they have selected before they actually vote ! It is enough to convince some voters to change their vote. If I was the Obama campaign I would be very unhappy if not totally outraged right now.

OK. This is not a general election, but a leadership race. Maybe the rules are different. But, this leadership race is so tight, that I wish we would let the people make their own choice and stop trying to influence them.

Catherine Cano- Canovision

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France said...

I agree with it.