Tuesday, February 5, 2008

McCain wins despite Conservatives, but could he be in trouble?

McCain can thank Mike Huckabee who took thousands of vote away from Mitt Romney tonight. But what it means, is that McCain has not been able to reach out to the conservatives right of the Republican party. If you add Romney's and Huckabee's numbers, this represents the majority of the Republican votes. McCain won because of the Republican moderates and independants.

This may not be good news for McCain. Could Huckabee be a bigger threat than Romney? Could Huckabee be embraced by the Republican establishment who has snobbed John McCain so far?

At the very least, Huckabee may have bought himself a ticket to the Vice-Presidential road. McCain will need to unify a Party who is definitively not behind him. And we thought the Republican race would have been over by now!

Catherine Cano - Canovision

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