Sunday, February 10, 2008

A step closer to the nomination

Barack Obama's huge victory yesterday is bringing him closer to the nomination of his Party. He was expected to win but not so widely. Even in a Republican State such as Nebraska where most Democrats thought the party was dead, thousands of citizens registered as Democrats and voted for Obama.

His appeal seems to cross all over the United States, from the North to the South, from East and West including the heart of the country. Obama has won 18 of the last 28 States, but is still neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in terms of delegates.

We should get a better sense of the size of Obama's momentum with the results tonight in Maine and Tuesday in Virginia. Clinton had a big lead in both those states prior to Super Tuesday. If she holds on to them, it will give her a breather. If not, it will be hard to stop him.

Catherine Cano - Canovision

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