Saturday, January 5, 2008

Democrats' debate - Débat des démocrates

This is the best debate I have ever seen in terms of substance and format. It was enlightening to hear issues being debated in depth. Quite a difference with the Republican one.

Quick overlook -

Hillary Clinton
: Brilliant! She showed substance and what was most needed, her human side. She had the most to loose and she rise to the occasion. She was clear, making important points at the right time bringing in her experience, talking about issues important to people in NH and squeezed in the Bill Clinton’s administration record on the economy. She defended herself and shot back at Edwards when accused of representing the status quo by listing many of her accomplishments. Finally, Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to show her human side when told that she was not likable. “You hurt my feelings”, she answered. Best moment!

Barak Obama
: Solid, elegant and he did not make a mistake. He obviously knows the issues and was articulate enough about them.

John Edwards :It was unfortunate that John Edwards spoke on behalf of Obama and himself attacking Hillary Clinton in such of obvious way over the concept of change versus status quo. It was a punch below the belt that will hurt him and Obama and help Hillary. He also made a mistake when he gave the patient bill of right as an example of one of his accomplishment. It did not take long for Hillary to point out that the bill never saw the light of day. Overall, a poor showing and Edwards lost his campaign tonite.

Doug Richardson : Help put some perspective on the issue of experience.

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