Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards: why did he quit?

John Edwards left the Democratic race today almost quietly. He said that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pledged that they would make ending poverty central in their campaigns. They most likely will fulfill that pledge as they want to get his and his delegates’ votes.

Edwards’ speech focused on his campaign team: the two Amercia and the importance to seriously solve the problems of health care access, unaffordable housing, etc. But at no time in that short and without much emotion speech, he explained why he was leaving the race.

Obviously, he recognized that he would not win the contest and that the eventual lack ot money was limiting his capacity to compete in every States for Super Tuesday. He most likely also wanted to make sure that his supporters and would be delegates, had the time to pick their second choice for February 5th.

But after getting ready for 4 years and campaigning a whole year, only six days from Super Tuesday, why step down now? Was there no reason to continue his crusade? It is well known that Elizabeth Edwards has had the most weight in all his decision, and in this decision. I cannot stop thinking that something else came into play, something more personal. When asked if it was a sad day, Elizabeth Edwards answered: “it is a complicated day”. She has been on his side every day since the beginning, even when they had to announce that her cancer was back. But suddenly, she stopped campaigning during the New Hampshire primary. What has been happening? One might wonder if her personal health issue was part of the equation. I would not be surprised.

Catherine Cano-Canovision

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