Saturday, January 5, 2008

Republican debate - débat républicain

The winner is the anchor, Charlie Gibson and ABC news. The questions were excellent and straight to the point. And as far as the format of the debate is concerned, the Canadian broadcasters should look at this model for the next elections in Canada.

Quick overlook -

Mitt Romney came out as condescending. He sounded like a Democrat on health care saying that all Americans should be insured and that all States should be encouraged to mandate it. But threw out an insensitive statement about the 47 millions of US citizens who according to him, make a deliberate choice not to purschase individual plans. He just forgot that they may not be able to afford it !

Rudy Giuliani: said that the US has the best health care system ! Just as a reminder: there is 47 milions Americans uninsured and most of the citizens have to deal with never ending increases in health care cost.

John McCain: insisted that Americans should be thankful to President Bush for Iraq and the success of the surge. Does he not want to be elected ? Does he not know that more than two thirds of Americans disapproved of Bush and the direction he has led the country - mostly on Iraq?

Mike Huckabee: kept on target but did not particularly shine.

Ron Paul: distanced himself from the other candidates by saying that he opposed Bush decision to go to Iraq as well as Bush's economic policies.

Fred Thompson : Completely unprepared and shallow.

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